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Our website incorporates the use of cookies. Our use of cookies optimizes the functioning of our website and improves it to give you a better ‘user experience’. Subject to our functionality requirement we use both session & persistent cookies. By using our website and providing your consent you are agreeing to our usage of cookies.

About cookies: Cookies are small files necessary to perform tasks such as maintaining user logins, assisting quicker and easier navigation and similar. A ‘persistent’ cookie is stored by the web browser and will remain valid until its set expiry date, unless deleted prior to the expiry date by the user. A ‘session’ cookie will expire at the end of the session, when the web browser is closed.

You can block, and delete, cookies via accessing the settings of your particular web browser.

Your Data and Privacy

What we see

Upon joining our community some of your data will become known to us. This can include many things but most notably your name, location, and email address. We do not hold, store, peek at or ever see you credit card or bank details or any other financial records.

How we use your information

Rest assured we do not use your information in any malicious or derivative way. We do not sell information about your to third parties. Your information is used within the constraints of our websites functioning operation to allow for optimal use by you, our members. The information we receive about you helps us tailor what you see to what is relevant to you.

Who else can see your information?

Some of your information may become visible to other users. By others we mean other visitors to the website and you may or may not have these people included as your friends in our community. You will be able to control what some people can see through managing your Privacy settings. If something is set to ‘public’ this means that all visitors to the website can see it, not just people you know. You can adjust your settings to prevent public viewing if you wish.

You can delete your account with us at any time.