About Us

Welcome to the global hub for martial arts

We are endeavoring to unite the martial arts community world wide through the common values, interests and positive physical benefits found in the pursuit of martial arts.

Our wish is that you use Ma-Hub to foster both your physical and mental training in the arts, as well as maybe make a positive contribution to others. You can read more about our values in our Code of Spirit

Use what’s in your cup to fill the cup of others, and in turn empty your cup and let others fill it. If that made sense then you’re picking up what we’re putting down.

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Photos, videos, knowledge and more – anything you want to put out there that may help or inspire others. Or if you want some tips from some one that may be more experienced than you put a video up, get in touch with them and ask for pointers.

There will also be some great incentives for getting involved in our community. Stay tuned.

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Yep, we have blogs. It’s a great way of sharing knowledge and increasing your understanding of martial arts. Create your own blog and share you insights with the world of martial arts. You can upload any research articles, training tips etc you’ve kept tucked away.

Calendar and other features

MA-Hub is packed with features useful to you. You can find news about the martial arts world as well as contribute your own. If you have a seminar, tournament or other event coming up you can even mark it on our calendar so that fellow martial artists know what’s happening.

Buy or sell equipment, apparel, and other related items

Once you’ve registered an account with us you can also buy items from other members in the online Marketplace. Whether you’re looking for a new uniform, some training gear or any thing else to help with your training, you may find it right here.

If you sell goods online then add your items to the marketplace and gain access to buyers within the network that is Ma-Hub.

Enjoy the positive spirit

The pursuit of martial arts can be challenging at times but is also highly rewarding and fulfilling.

We are excited to offer you a positive platform to share your experience, learn from others as well as help guide others along their unique path. This isn’t the place for negativity, so throw all that out the door.

As we said at the beginning: Welcome to the global hub for martial arts.